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Contact Internal Audit

If you have any questions or comments, please email the Department.

You can write us at:

Internal Audit Department

703 Spadina Avenue, 1st Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2J4

To reach a specific member of the Department, see the contact list below. A short biographical statement and photograph can also be viewed by clicking on the name of the staff member.



Phone (416)


Mark Britt Director 978-6660 mark.britt(at)utoronto.ca
Daniel Ottini Deputy Director 978-6943 daniel.ottini(at)utoronto.ca
Jeff McIlravey Audit Manager 978-6668 jeff.mcilravey(at)utoronto.ca
Linda Ye Senior Auditor, Information Systems 946-3517 linda.ye(at)utoronto.ca
Kristine Tkachenko Senior Auditor, Research Compliance 946-3221   kristine.tkachenko(at)utoronto.ca
Vandana Bhamidi Senior Auditor 978-7396 vandana.bhamidi(at)utoronto.ca
Peter Wong Senior Auditor 978-3675 pete.wong(at)utoronto.ca
Murk Memon Auditor 978-3867 murk.memon(at)utoronto.ca
Marek Wlochowicz Audit Assistant  978-6942  marek.wlochowicz(at)utoronto.ca

Last updated: July 13, 2018