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Interactive Control Questionnaires



Whether you intended to get to this part of the site or wound up here by accident, congratulations on finding what we feel is one of its highlights - the Interactive Control Questionnaires. Don't worry, your anonymity is assured. We do not track or log any of the users or responses. So go ahead and complete the questionnaires - it will be totally painless and most informative!

Below are links to 6 multiple-choice business process questionnaires that you can use to self-assess the effectiveness of your unit's systems of internal control and to facilitate making changes that improve it. When completing the questionnaires, please select the answer that most closely describes the actual process in place; not the one that looks like the right answer (be truthful, no one's looking). Upon completion of a questionnaire, you will receive a score and feedback, including explanations for recommended control activities that were not identified in your answers.

You may complete as many questionnaires as you like, as often as you like.  If you find this activity to be worthwhile, recommend it to your colleagues.  If you find it to be a waste of time, let us know by email (we will not use it as the basis for selecting future audits).


  1. Please remember to select the answer that most closely describes the actual process currently in place.
  2. The questions are in a multiple choice format, each having 4 possible answers. To select your answer, click your mouse pointer on the button located beside it. The selected button will appear shaded.
  3. You do not have to answer all questions before submitting the questionnaire for evaluation. Do not answer questions that are not applicable. Answers can be changed at any time prior to submitting the questionnaire.
  4. When you have completed a questionnaire, click on the SUBMIT button located at the bottom of the page. After a brief pause, you will receive a score indicating the percentage of your answers that agree to recommended control activities and explanations of those recommended controls that were not selected in your responses.
  5. If you have any questions/comments or experience any problems with the questionnaires, please contact us via the Internal Audit email link at the bottom of this page.